31 июл. 2010 г.

eniko mihalik by barnaby roper.


With technological advancements, and ideas ablaze, it is no surprise how innovative the industry's talent is getting. We've seen already seen moving images for digital magazine publications, but this time SHOWstudio takes us beyond our imagination. With what seems like the possible future for fashion spreads, up and coming American photographer and director Barnaby Roper shows us what lies beyond a simple image, in a mind numbing visual editorial, offering more than just a pose a page. Starring Eniko Mihalik, the editorial allows viewers to choose a tune and then interact with the model. Pushing any letter key will show a vast number of artistic poses and stunning looks. With styling by Keegan Singh, the array of clothing articles range from Altuzarra, Alexander Wang, Jen Kao and so forth. This is the first of a new metamorphosis for fashion editorials abroad. To view this new marvel, follow the link under the image.

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